Friday, 14 June 2013


Owls, 2013.

I'm putting together a small solo show, Psychic Freefall, at Amatorska, an exhitition space within and throughout a flat in New Cross.  A group of new paintings will be insinuating themselves within the domestic surroundings. 

The invite image and information:

Opening reception
Friday June 28 2013

29 June - 14 July 2013
by appointment at

54b Waller Road
London SE14 5LA

The exhibition text:

Oh, for a cheerful room, a room without malice or discord. Perhaps a room painted yellow- not a cloying or sickly yellow, not the yellow of jaundice or of piss, but a happy and sunny shade.  The walls will be clean, free of stains from leaking pipes and sprayed cooking fat.

The deep bay window will allow in light and air, but never burglars or the nightly swearing of ill-tempered neighbours.

The windows should be hung with patterned curtains that delight and fascinate but never oppress. They very definitely must not look like the window dressing of a bankrupt business or a condemned hospital. They most assuredly will not have brown stains, and they should not smell of smoke or last week's soup.

By the sunny, breezy window there shall be delicate little chairs. Pretty pieces of furniture too charming to ever be thrown or broken in anger. Perhaps a comfortable sofa with all its cushions intact, not slashed or burned or spilled upon.

The room should be filled with houseplants that are a pleasure- a complement of happy flowers to enjoy air and sunshine with!  Plants that never drop failed leaves and infertile blossoms all across the clean floor. Plants that never mysteriously die despite constant attention. Plants that never linger on as a perpetual, barely-alive disappointment.

Then- down a substantial but not overwhelming number of steps, and out through a very simple but very secure door- a garden! Not a dark and dank place where odd things lurk, neither should it be barren and exposed and sun-stricken. Ah! Could it be arranged that the tops of the trees and bushes be trimmed a centimetre or two every few days?